10 Tips to Avoid Neck Pain When Working From Home

10 Tips to Avoid Neck Pain When Working From Home

Are you working from home during the global Pandemic? It is the safest method to keep yourself and your family safe. However, prolonged sitting and wrong posture can lead to a number of health issues like neck pain. It is important to understand that lockdown has been imposed to protect us from COVID-19 and not give rise to any other health issues like neck pain, shoulder pain and cervical issues.  

By adopting proper measures, you can get neck pain relief when working from home. Let’s read further to get an insight into those simple tips to avoid excess painful condition:         

Change Your Pillow

You need to understand what works best for you. Pillow helps a lot in having a sound sleep. Choose a correct soft pillow to support the curve of your neck. You need to keep it in neutral alignment. 

Look for your comfort by choosing the right height of the pillow. You can have more than one pillow to keep your neck in a comfortable position. 

Choose the Best Position for Sleep

Sleep on your back so that your spine is rested comfortably. You can keep a pillow under your arms to remove the extra strain from your back and neck. You can also choose an adjustable bed to slightly incline your back and neck. 

Avoid much heightened pillow or hard pillow for neck pain relief.

Use a Wireless Neck Massager While Working 

You can easily massage away all the strains and fatigue and relieve neck pain by using SILE™ wireless neck massager. The electric pulse neck massager can very conveniently calm down your muscle tension and cervical fatigue.

It has built-in massaging magnets that give rise to electric pulse. It stimulates improved metabolism of nerves.

The best part about the SILE™ neck massager is that it automatically turns off after 15 minutes. You do not need to worry in case you fall asleep. You can switch it on by just pressing one button. 

Use a Hands-free Device

If you need to attend many calls on the phone, do not prefer tilting your head and talking on the phone for long durations. Rather use any headset or other hands-free device. This will remove stress from your hands, shoulder and neck. 

Keep Your Screen at Eye Level

Keep your PC or laptop at eye level so that you do not look down at it. Raise its height if it is not at eye level. 

Also, bending down often results in neck pain. Doing this daily will distort your posture. Continuous texting by phone by looking down at it also puts a lot of strain on your neck. 

Do Regular Exercise

Stretch your neck so that it doesn’t get stiff and jammed. This will make the muscles of your neck strong. Chin tuck exercise is very helpful. 

You can also do neck rotation whenever you feel slight pain. Stretching exercises should be done regularly. 

Stay Hydrated and Stop Smoking

Drinking adequate amount of water will nourish your disks. It is the spongy layer that is situated in between the vertebrae. Keeping yourself hydrated will keep your discs pliable. It is advised to drink 7-8 glasses of water daily. 

Smoking tends to interrupt the adequate oxygen supply to various parts of the body. Oxygen deficient tissues feel more fatigued. Quitting smoking will allow proper distribution of oxygen in the body and removes strain.

Carry Weight in Proper Proportion

Do not put stress on one side of your body while carrying heavy luggage. This pulls down the shoulder, puts stress on your neck and ultimately results in giving tension to your neck muscles.

Keep the weight evenly on both sides of the shoulders. Try carrying a backpack for carrying things. 

Practice Good Postures

Poor posture can result in back pain because of stress on ligaments and neck muscles. Keep your chin tucked inwards frequently to balance out strain. 

Do not slouch your shoulders; this is an example of poor posture. Any problem in facet joints can result in muscle trigger point pains. You can have massage therapy and neck rotation movements to avoid these damages. 

Use Hot Or Cold Compression 

Using an ice gel pack or heating pad calms down the muscle strain. It provides relief from excessive pain. You will notice significant results by repeating the process often. 

You can use a hot water bottle if you do not have a heating pad. 

Wrapping It Up

Most people use drugs and pain-killers to treat neck pain. Doing regular exercise and improving your routine can be a better option. Changing your eating habits, maintaining good posture, regular exercise and staying away from the phone will give you great results. 

Modern equipment like electrical massager will also help you in reducing pain. This is very apt for people who have a busy schedule. The above-mentioned tips will help you attain mobility and release your muscle tension.

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