How to choose the perfect neck massager? – A step by step guide

Why You Need a Neck Massager?

Irrespective of the profession, the body part that is most stressed for most of us is our neck. For instance, if you are in the IT field working in the computer all-round the day, you might have got neck pain several times. In the same ways, students get neck pain these days when they continuously engage in some writing tasks. At the end of the day, a relaxing neck massage is something most of us expect. Thanks to the neck massager! This tool is now helping many people relieve their stressed neck muscles.

What are the Benefits of Neck Massaging?

You might just be aware that a neck massager can bring a relaxing massage. What more do you know about the benefits of massaging your neck with the best massager? Here are certain details to know about the benefits of neck massaging:

  • It will help with excellent relief from muscle soreness. In general, massaging in the sore areas of your body will help with increasing the flow of blood and oxygen. It will, in turn, help with reducing inflammation and the resulting pain. You can consider massaging as a natural painkiller. Even, it will help with improving the motion in your neck due to the removal of lactic acid build-up, which is the major reason for muscle stiffness.
  • You might be surprised to know that neck massaging will help with migraine relief. This is possible because a neck massager helps with relieving muscle spasms both in the neck and shoulders, thereby promoting better blood circulation. In turn, the pressure on your head reduces. Studies show that patients with migraine issues have experienced a considerable improvement in their pain with neck and shoulder massages.
  • In addition, it will help with strengthening your immune function and, of course, it will help with stress and anxiety relief.

How to Choose a Neck Massager?

As the name implies, a neck massager is a tool that is used for massaging the neck. Not just neck, the massager will help with massaging the shoulder muscles as well. But, your question here will be how to select the right massager. Here are some points of consideration that will make your shopping for a neck massager easier and fun-filled:

Top 10 Factors to Consider Before Buying a Neck Massager

1. Consider the Technology Used

Manufacturers design their neck massager in such a way that a particular massage technique is followed by the massager among the different options available. Here are the most common massaging techniques that massagers function on:

  • Shiatsu Neck Massager

This Japanese massage technique pays attention to massaging the pressure points in your neck. It also uses rotation and joint stretching functions in your shoulders to release muscle tension. It will help with getting quick relaxation and it will also restore your energy quickly.

  • Vibration Neck Massager

As the name implies, a neck massager that functions based on this technology will shake and stimulate your neck muscles at a controllable speed. It means that it applies pressure to the muscles to relax them.

  • Percussion Neck Massager

If you have severe neck pain, you can choose a neck massager that uses percussion massaging technique. The reason is that it uses rapid movements with a few sequences. Mostly training athletes use massagers that function with this technology as they will have a lot of neck and shoulder pain.

  • Heat Neck Massager

As you know, heat will bring a soothing sensation to take your massaging experience to a new level. It will help you relax further by speeding up the effects of massaging.

  • Compression Neck Massager

By applying pressure, a neck massager that uses compression technology will relax your neck muscles. It also offers high-intensity massaging, thereby making the best choice for athletes and those engaged in heavy neck use in their work. It can be a bit intense if you are a regular user just looking for a neck muscle relaxation massage.

2. Corded or Cordless

When you compare neck massagers, you will come across both cordless and corded variants. Just, in case, you intend to carry the massager during your trips, it is better to choose a cordless variant. The reason is that you might not be able to find a power socket wherever you go.

On the other hand, if you will be using the neck massager only in your home, you can choose a corded variant. When you choose this option, make sure that the cord is long enough to adjust at any place before you shop.

When you compare cordless variants, consider the type of battery used and whether they should be regularly replaced or they are rechargeable batteries.

3. Consider Adjustment in Intensity Levels

When you have unbearable neck pain, you will be interested in massaging with high intensity. But, when you wish to just relax your neck, you might be interested in just a gentle massage. The neck massager you choose should help in both these two instances. It means that it is better to check whether different intensity settings are possible with the massager before you choose one.

4. Consider a Massager with Heat Settings

Some massagers have the facility to choose to massage with heat. On the other hand, some just have the massaging function. Choosing one with both these options will again be beneficial. You can use the heat settings during the cold season, which will be highly relaxing for you.

During the summer when you perspire a lot, you can switch off the heat and can just use the massager alone that does not generate any heat. So, when you compare options do not forget to consider this option.

5. Auto Shut-off Facility

Sometimes, you might feel sleepy when using the neck massager just because it gives a relaxing massage on your neck. At these times, your sleep might get disturbed if you will have to switch off the massaging function. So, to help at these times, you can choose a massager with an auto shut-off mechanism.

6. Pillow or strap Massager

When you compare neck massagers, you will find pillow-type massagers and strap-type massagers. You will have to consider, which one will be the best option for you. When you take the case of a pillow-type massager, it needs support like a chair to massage your neck from the back.

Moreover, strap-type neck massagers do not need any such support. So, you can consider which one will be suitable for your requirements and can accordingly choose one.

7. User-friendliness

This is something important to consider. When you need the help of another person every time you use the neck massager, there might not be somebody to help you at all times. So, it is better to make sure that it can be used by a person on himself without requiring the help of another person. Also, user-friendliness here denotes that the massager should be easy to use and should not be too technical to operate and handle.

8. Will It Provide Pain Relief?

If you plan to buy a neck massager for your neck pain, you should be even more careful. The reason is that some are designed just to provide a relaxing massage and might not be effective in neck pain relief. But, some actually provide the best relief from your neck pain. So, do not forget to go through the product specifications on what types of troubles that the product can handle before you shop.

9. Consider the Function

When you intend to buy a neck massager, you should consider the function of the unit. Some of the common functions found in electric massagers encompass adaptability, speed direction, speed levels and heating capabilities. When you have decided to select manual massagers, you should pay close attention to the flexibility and ease of use. The objective is to relax and so, you should ensure that the massager has proper functions to provide the comfort to your neck that you expect.

10. Can the Massager Help You Sleep Better?

Some people have a hard time sleeping due to neck pain. But, some neck massagers are known to be effective in inducing good sleep. The massager does it by reducing fatigue and by promoting the production of natural sleep stimulants called melatonin. A good massager can help with releasing the tension of tight muscles before you go to bed. In turn, it will take your body to a resting state.

When the massager has soothing heating capabilities, it will help with increasing the flow of blood to different organs, thereby reducing stress. When the soreness and anxiety caused by your neck are relieved with a good massager, it will help you achieve better and sound sleep. In turn, you will wake up comfortable and fresh the next morning.

So, when you compare massagers, do not forget whether it will induce good sleep.

Wrapping It Up

Having a neck massager handy in your home will help you get many benefits. You can consider the factors mentioned above to shop for the best massager. Wishing you choose the right neck massager that you are 100% satisfied.

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